Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Acts- A Call for Obedience and Preaching

Thus said the Prophet to me:

1.The manifestation in this world of the true and only religion is by its constant extensive propagation; since through its propagation , there will occur among men, through the good religion, remembrance of the Holy Texts, and praise of truth and goodness, and hatred of falsehood and evil . 2. The religion of the Creator is ordained for the performance of good actions by all pious and true believers , whereas the evil faith is for the performance of evil actions.

3. Devotion, protection of the poor, industry and liberty, and many other actions as well as other good gifts are the result of the true and good religion, whereby the people, who are obedient unto God, are said to be of the Good Ways . 4. In false creeds and religions people comprehend falsehood and sinning, there is but little power of doing the following really meritorious deeds. Aside from the teachings of Zarathustra and the power of the True Relgion there is no hope for doing good from a pure heart. 5. The power of the True and Good Religion restrains and improves all mankind. It eliminates the path of impurity; the ruling of this True Religion leads to the extension of and preparation for the everlasting full resplendence in the presence of the Creator and of His Work here on Earth. 6. A single motive of one's advance into impurity becomes known immediately and the believer shall then promote goodness, and curb evil, and guide himself by those sublime meditations that tend to destroy evil desires within, through the power of Mazda Ahura.

7. By means of firm reliance on the only True Religion the people of this world shall be altogether improved through goodness; and as a consequence the evil ones shall be severely afflicted. By virtue of the only True and Good religion, the evil one shall be severed from every object and action while the spread of the goodness and this Reformation shall follow the propagation and preaching in this world of the only True Religion: Mazdayasnian.

8. Says Mazda Ahura :"But the evil one has blinded my people and they have ceased to proclaim and propogate the True Religion. 9. And the thoughts of Evil leading to Evil Actions did destroy the Temples and cooled the Sacred Fires and sent the False Prophet as a punishment and scattered those that fthe remenant to the corners of the Earth and killed and destroyed these that failed to follow the True Religion and Live by it tenets. 10. And the remenant fell into apostasy and proclaimed that the True Religion cannot be shared outside of blood relationships and the True Believers grew less in number and the devastation of the thoughts of Ahnrima has been visited on the Temples and the Sacred Fires are cold.

9. But know that a New Day has arisen the The First Day has been proclaimed and the True Religion shall not Die. Hear my People for I proclaim a New Day for those that follow Ahura Mazda. The Creator commands you to send forth your Prophets and Priests and Proclaim a New Day and to restore the Holy Texts that have been lost and corrupted. For today these texts shall be revealed by the Prophet by My True Servant" [who humbly writes this now].

10. Then will follow the millennium of True Religion. All will accept the True Religion, and will preach it into the world. The men of the world will be all of good thoughts, of good words, and of good actions. And Heaven shall be here in the present Creation. The miscreated Ahriman shall have no influence over the creation. And men shall worship the True Creator and not the False Gods that hold sway over mankind.

11. Know that so called followers of of the True Religion are now fearful and will say to one another this cannot be done. They say "It has not been so and will not be so". But the preaching and prosyletizing of the True Religion has been done in the past and shall be done by His True Followers. Those who oppose these words are of Ahrimam or have the Spirit of Fear derived from him. They are apostate and must remove their fear and submit to these Words.

12. For they have lost their zeal and forgotten their first love. As it was written:
"Where and which part of land shall I go to succeed? They keep me away from the family and the tribe. The community that I wish to join does not gratify me, nor do the deceitful tyrants of the lands. How shall I gratify you, O Mazda Ahura?"

13. Thus says Mazda Ahura: "You shall gratify me by putting aside fear and narrow mindedness, by obedience to this Revelation and by Proclaiming and Propogating the One True Religion and by obeying my NEW PROPHET. No more shall my followers cower behind walls and behave like frightened sheep. They shall, with boldness, proclaim the Words of the New Revelation and shall heed the words of my New Prophect, Ardashir, who has prostrated himself before me and who records My Words and Thoughts and the Words of Zarathusthr a in the New Revelation for this Time. For what was Old is now New for I am UNCHANGING but my people have changed and grown fearful."

14. "He who hears, and understands, and disobeys these sacred words is of Ahrimam the evil one. Let he who will understand hear, and let he who hears obey, and let him reverence My New Prophet who writes these Words as sent by me. For these Words are the old Words lost and shattered and now Restored. Hear, Listen and Obey."

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